Saturday 28 April 2012

I take that back

The previously mentioned new Dolphins Into The Future record is not a disappointment at all. In fact it is up there with the Dolphins best tapes Mountains Saturnus, ...On Sea Faring Isolation, Wildlife Tapes etc.

Canto Arquipelago
Dolphins Into The Future

Speaking of a lack of good new releases, there were a couple of top records I missed last year to keep me going in this drought. Tim Hecker's Ravedeath,1972 is a cracker. This is berserk drone heaven.

Keeping in drone territory are the digital drones with more of a club music influence on Laurel Halo's Hour Logic LP.

Last but not least is is Julia Holter's Tragedy which is apparently a concept LP but don't hold that against it, it's got songs and weird atmospheric interludes or is that weird atmospheres with song interludes. Anything which has a track that sounds like its a sacrificial cult chanting is fine by me ( ie. track 2). Tragedy is fairly unclassifiable, having said that Ivo Watts Russel  would probably dig it. Pop, Classical, Goth, Minimalism, Ambient, Psych Folk, Field Recording, Electro are genres it might be tinged with but really this is a work of its own and an incredibly accomplished/cohesive one at that. Outstanding.

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