Wednesday 11 April 2012

Suzanne Ciani, French Electronics & NZ Underground Rock.

Anyway what else have I been into well Suzanne Ciani's archival release on Finders Keepers Livixiation 1969-1985 is a little bewdy. Somewhere between formal undergrad avant garde, cosmic, new age, advertising and soundtrack music, this bird did it all. She did jobs for Atari, Coke and TV Stations as well as doing her own gear.

How 'bout this cover?!
Also diggin' Patrick Vian's LP Bruit Et Temps Analogues (thanks Mutant Sounds) from 1976. He was another French person doing cosmic electronics with a moog. Awesome! Up there with the best French astronautical musicians HeldonSpacecraft etc.

And then there is an album by some other Frenchmen, this time from 1980, Ilitch - 10 Suicides. Can't describe it. Out there electronics in a world of its own. Fuckin love it! Oneothrix Point Never Must be a fan. Mental!

Last but not least I finally got my hands on Time To Go - The Southern psycedelic (sic) Moment: 1981-86, the fabulous Flying Nun Comp compiled by Bruce Russell. Can't complain about that......well... there is one track though where I couldn't really see a psych connection. The track in question is Sit Down by Playthings, which is a punk/new wave tune in the vein of Blondie. It's not a bad track per se but does it belong here? The rest of these tracks are one way or another psych post-punk in its myriad of forms. Bruce  is one of the master compilers of our times and this collection is no exception. Up there with, perhaps even surpassing, the previously mentioned Le Jazz Non on Corpus Hermiticum and The Xpressway singles comp Making Losers Happy.

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