Wednesday 26 October 2022

Parabellum - Sacrilegio


More unhinged noise from Colombia in the 80s. This is uncategorisable. It's got elements of Hardcore, Thrash, Black Metal, Noise Rock & Death Metal but really it's not particularly any of these is it? It's so chaotic and amorphous it unwittingly becomes pretty psychedelic. Sacriligio is noise-y metal but I kinda hesitate to call it that because some micro-genre nerd has probably already claimed that as a pigeon hole for some other type of music. 

Some bright spark called this wave of metal coming out of Medellín, Antioquio, Colombia in the 80s Ultra Metal - and they were correct! 

Apparently Parabellum were one of the first extreme metal bands to come out of South America, possibly the original. I love that this glorious racket came out on my favourite Latin label Discos Fuentes who were responsible for bringing the tropical sounds of Cumbia to the world in the 20th century. There ain't no latin rhythms on Sacrilegio though.

Saturday 22 October 2022


Ten years ago I discovered a lil' treasure trove of insane 80s South American metal on, I think, what was an Aussie extreme metal blog. Anyway you know how the best music is before a genre gets solidified, the stuff that's proto, that doesn't stick to the rules or genre boundaries because they are not set in stone yet. That's what this is. 

Most extreme metal fans would know Brazilian pioneers of the original 80s wave of black metal Sepultura, the terrific Sarcrófego and the great Cogumelo record label but who knows the groups of Colombia from the same era? Blasfemia were a side project for members of the Colombian black/death metal group Parabellum (more on them in the next post). Blasfemia released just one 12" and this is it. Guerra Total from 1988 contains an insanely hardcore black metal thrash hybrid that really could have been an entire new sub-genre. I guess it kinda was, almost was. A handful of disparate 80s Columbian metal groups were included in the umbrella term ULTRA METAL. There couldn't be a better word for it. The ultra metal groups came from Medellín, Antioquia, Colombia hence the alternate ultra metal title of Metal-Medallo. 

These four tracks from Blasfemia have got everything that is good about dark mental metal and there is no holding back or conformity to orthodoxy. They just wreak metallic havoc for 13 minutes. This should have been the future instead we got fucking nu-metal, groove-metal, metalcore, several thrash revivals etc.. I'll take this lo-fi unhinged cacophony any day of the week.

Sunday 9 October 2022


Jamma - Candyman (1993)
Jamma is an alias for Subnation's W. Wilson. I never heard this back in the day but discovered it 10 or 15 years ago, probably on the Back To The Old School blog. Doomed belles of doom, Amen breaks, samples from the titular horror movie, a pitch black pummelling synth drone and noice rumbling dubby bass make this a lil' piece of terrific darkside jungle.    

Subnation - Scottie (1993)
Plenty has been written about this panic attack anthem. Peak jungle.

Warrior Bass - Ride The Rhythm (1994)
Step into the cold dark world of this darkside jungle weirdness on the verge of techstep from Subnation alias Warrior Bass. Some choice psychedelic backwards chopped drummage here!

Sunday 2 October 2022

Sacred - Do It Together (1992)

I just listened to this for the first time in 12 months and 30 years later I am fucking astonished, still. Do It Together is just so inspired and so inspirational. It's got the lot! All the hardcore elements of the past, present & future are here. Why even bother with words? They just fail to capture the essence of the dizzying heights (emotionally, artistically, culturally) of this tune. This is quite simply possibly the best breakbeat-hardcore-rave tune of the entire 90s.

Saturday 1 October 2022

Remarc and Lewi Cifer - Ricky

All three of these tunes are from the 1994 Ricky 12" released on Dollar Records. I'm not really sure who Lewi Cifer is or what his contribution is here, who cares... I spose. A bangin Amen tune with samples from the 1991 Scorsese remake of Cape Fear

Okay here's a weird sample for's from Home Alone.

I don't know which was first? Ricky, Subnation's Scottie or Johnny Jungle's Johnny? I always assumed the order was Johnny, Scottie and then Ricky was last. I could be wrong... at this point nobody cares. All three are bona fide classics. Anyway this was Remarc's contribution to the Panic Attack micro-genre. Sample a panic stricken character from a movie yelling somebody's name then add manic chopped beats and a tense atmosphere to match. Great fun.