Monday 23 April 2012

2012 music

Gary War's new project.
On Spectrum Spools.
Is it just me or does there seem to be a dearth of good new music releases so far this year. Some of the new No Not Fun stuff Cruise Family, LX Sweat etc. it's ok but it's not that excitement like first hearing Sun Araw, Umberto, Ducktails et al. Then there is the 2012 disappointments Nite Jewel, Dolphins Into The Future (perhaps being a bit hasty only listened to it once), most music in the charts etc. The new Black Dice record, I dunno maybe I need more time to get into it or maybe I could just chuck it in the bin.  Editions Mego are doin OK though, Mark Van Hoen's record and Gary War's ..... sorry Human Teenager's new platter are good gear. The Revenant Diary sounds like Mark went into a deep sleep sometime in 1996 and woke up in 2012 and made a record as if nothing had happened. While the Human Teenager record Animal Husbandry sounds like a follow up to Gary War's top 2009 LP Horribles Parade. Human Teenager are his new collaboration with some other dude who was in Infinity Window I think. Gary War also has a solo record coming out soon too. It's not all bad news at No Not Fun, I'm lovin' Sand Circles new tape Motor City.  This is 2am driving music for the city's bewildered lost souls. Looking forward to the new Motion Sickness of Time Travel double LP on Spectrum Spools. Maybe I need to be lookin' elsewhere. I have been discovering some good 80s stuff from Ohio reissued on Columbus Discount Records, but I'm talkin about new music here. Any recommendations out there?

The Revenant Diary
Mark Van Hoen

Fabulous follow up to
Midnite Crimes


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