Thursday 19 April 2012

Bilders, Bilderine, Bill Direen, The Builders, Above Ground

More Christchurch Rock

Above Ground/Bilders
What's this?

Dunno where this comes from.
It's not on the Gone Aiwa tape by Above Ground
reissued recently on vinyl from Siltbreeze.
MEHIKO-Above Ground !?

Above Ground contained Bill Direen, Maryrose Crook ( The Max Block) and Stuart Page (preAxemen!).

Reissue of Above Ground's
1983 tape on vinyl.

This was on the same EP as Russian Rug.

I Thought I Knew You
The Buiders

As you can probably tell Bill Direen wasn't afraid to use aliases, different spellings of his band names etc.
He was called Max Quits on the back of the Above Ground record.

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