Friday 27 April 2012

Mixtapes: The Best Part II

Mark Van Hoen earlier this year did one of the best mixes for Pontone ever. Pontone Mixtape 87 might seem like a history lesson on paper but that makes it the best history lesson ever in electronic music. It.s so good I could listen over and over again despite being familiar with at least 2 3rds of the material here. Ligeti, Oneothrix, Japan, Oram, Derbyshire, Eno, Cluster, LFO and the list goes on. Somehow he makes it all gel and sound fresh. Another bewdy at Pontone is tape 77 Psychological Strategy Board Presents: Industry, What Industry? This is up there with the previously mentioned Moon Wiring Club tapes as well as being in similar territory. Actually I don't think I got this originally from Pontone, it may have been posted in several places anyway......

Rachel Evans of Motion Sickness of Time Travel did a cool mix a year or 2 back. The Electric Rain Mix was top shelf modern electronics that included Emeralds, Panabrite, Hobo Cubes etc.....dunno where this was from though.....It says on the track 'ssg special', which I'm guessing is some kind of blog........??

Electric Rain Mix
Rachel Evans

Now this one is an old skool classic-Sleaz & Cheez mix by DJ Soap from 2008. This is a fantastic sexadelic mix of French and Italian grooves. This'll get your spa party started for sure. Over 70 minutes of sonically sexual mischief including the likes of Mr Gainbourg, Morricone, Piero's Umiliani & Piccioni, Frances Lai, Nic Fidenco etc....anyway this came from The Sleazy Listening Blog which is fantastic for those sexotic sounds from 60s and 70s Euro soundtracks.

Sleaz & Cheez
Mix by Soap
Sexadelic Baby!

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