Thursday 22 December 2016

Best Of 2016

Professional Sunflow - Laraaji & Sun Araw
Rock To TN34 - eMMplekz
Purple Reign - Future
Exit Pantomime Control - Moon Wiring Club
Blackstar - David Bowie
Lodestar - Shirley Collins
Creaking Haze & Other Rave Ghosts - Assembled Minds
Black Peak - Xylouris White
Blank Face - Schoolboy Q
Caramel - Konx-Om-Pax
Strands - Steve Hauschildt
Return - Blue Smiley
Toll - Kemper Norton
2845 - Convextion
Colour - Katie Gately
Pacific Image - Hybrid Palms
...Presents The Mechanical Abrasions Of (Volumes 2&3) - Ashtray Navigations
Stranger Things OST - Kyle Dixon & Michael Stein
Holy Sauce - Sauce Walka


I, Gemini - Let's Eat Grandma
Sometimes I think this is a fantastic missing link between Kate Bush, Grime and god knows what else, other times I just wanna smash the stereo in.
Jeffery - Young Thug
Some good tunes here but something about the production is not quite right....but it's good though...I think... maybe it's still growing on me.
Borderland: Transport - Juan Atkins & Moritz Von Oswald
Classic intersection of Detroit techno and 90s Berlin dub-tech or a bunch of old geezers recording trax for the electronic music preservation society?

Islah - Kevin Gates
His mixtape run up to this, his major label debut, was unsurpassed. What happened?
New Ways Out - Belbury Poly
Their previous 4 records were ace, this however...
The Life Of Pablo - Kanye West
I listened and listened again but I'm sure there's only two good songs here.

Close To The Noise Floor (Formative UK Electronica 1975-1984) - Various 
No Cabs, Numan or Depeche, but hey you've heard them. Have you heard Third Door From The Left, We Be Echo, Storm Bugs or 5XOD?

The Emperor's New Music - Gerry & The Holograms
Even unplayable art prank 7"ers are getting reissued. Why not?

When A New Trick Comes Out I Do An Old One - Moon Wiring Club
A 3 cd compilation of archive material from Hauntology's finest.

Cryptik Stepperz - Ekoplekz
Archival gear from 2012. Nick's off-cuts are just as good as his on-cuts.

Venezuela 70: Venezuelan Experimental Rock In The 1970s - Various
Soul Jazz Records go in search of further afield South American sonic delights and strike gold.

Boogie Breakdown: South African Synth Disco 1980-1984 - Various
Get down to these sweet South African soundz courtesy of the marvelous Cultures Of Soul Records. Tonight we're gonna party like it's 1984!

Doin It In Lagos: Boogie, Pop & Disco In 1980s Nigeria - Various
Soundway Records does it again! Get down to these sweet Nigerian soundz. Contains one of the greatest tunes ever in Steve Monite's Only You.

Space Echo: The Mystery Behind The Cosmic Sound Of Cabo Verde 1977-1985 - Various 
Get Down To These Sweet soundz from Cabo Verde. Another Analog Africa joint.


Line Of Duty
Happy Valley

Shock & Awe: Glam Rock & Its Legacy - Simon Reynolds
Grant & I - Robert Forster

Sunday 18 December 2016

Best Tunes Of 2016

Purple Reign - Future
Pick Up The Phone - Young Thug & Travis Scott feat Quavo
Perky's Calling - Future
The Face In The Mirror Is Not Mine - Assembled Minds 
Why You Always Hatin' - YG feat Drake & Kamaiyah
So High - Beatking feat Gangser Boo
Eat Shittake Mushrooms - Let's Eat Grandma
That Part - Schoolboy Q feat Kanye West
OOOUUU - Young M.A.
Starboy - The Weekend feat Daft Punk
Guwop - Young Thug feat Quavo, Young Scooter & Offset
Awake Awake/The Split Ash Tree/May Carol/ Southover - Shirley Collins
Wolves (Balmain Campaign) - Kanye West feat Sia
Webbie - Young Thug feat Duke
Low Life - Future feat The Weekend
Lazarus - David Bowie
50 On My Wrist - Sonny Digital
Black Beatles - Rae Sremmurd feat Gucci Mane
Do Ya Mind - DJ Khaled feat Nicky M, Chris B, August Alsina, Jerimih, Future & Rick Ross
Bad & Boujee - Migos feat Uzi Vert

Thursday 8 December 2016

Angel Rada

This is taken from the Soul Jazz comp Venezuela 70 which was released this year. I don't think I'd ever heard anything from Venezuela before. I have many records from Brasil, Columbia & Peru but this is a new territory for me. The above tune is the outstanding one for me on that collection - South American space synth jam dedicated to Klaus Schulze.

This one's on Venezuela 70 as well.... pretty good too. Details about Rada on the web are v sketchy. He was in the band Gas Light then went solo. He studied music in Germany in the 70s. That's about it.

Wow...this tune is not on the Soul Jazz compilation but is incredible. Upadesa puts me in mind of an even stranger Illitch if that's possible. This is fabulous lost Kosmische synthesiser music. A musical revelation to the eardrums. So all of the above tracks were on Angel Rada's record Upadesa released sometime in the 70s (???). This is the kind of thing that would have been posted on Mutant Sounds back in the day. Is there more unheard gold out there?

...from1983 apparently [added entry 11/11/22]