Wednesday 11 April 2012

Breaking Bad

I've e just finished watching the DVDs of the fourth season of Breaking Bad and fuck me it did not disappoint. It kept me guessing right till the end with their great use of red herrings. Even after the final ep of season 4 I've still got unanswered questions and cannot see where the final 5th season will go. I'd like to write something really smart about the show but i dunno.....It's some of the greatest actoring ever acted. There are no week links in that cast. It's like the longest best movie ever made. The Mrs thinks each episode is like a mini movie and that Walt could in fact be a superhero. It is one of the most enthralling shows I've ever seen. An absolute peak in telly drama.
Unrecognisable as the dad
from Malcolm in the Middle
The creepiest psychopath
in tv history!

I also just watched the #3rd season again of Deadwood. That's another pinnacle of telly drama. I don't know how the fuck they came up with those characters. Each one a fully rounded fuck up of a person and so real.....well did anyone ever really talk like that?.... I dunno but I like it. It's like you're one of them, you really feel like you're sittin' in the Gem Saloon drinkin' whiskey or maybe I just wish I was. Anyway we are living through a golden era of TV drama. I hope it continues because well... have you seen a good movie lately? Didn't think so.
Complex moron.

George Hearst.
A bit Grumpy

The Doc.

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