Thursday 5 July 2012

Bambino Melbourne Music Mafia

I was gonna go on an all Aussie trip with the bassists and there did seem to be a particular Australian style but the youtube's  annoying me. Maybe another time. Sorry Grant McLennen, Chris Walsh, Ian Rilen, Mark Lock, Mark Ferrie & Brian Hooper.  Geez how's that for a list. They will all eventually be members entered into my Aussie bassplayer phonebox of fame

A few years ago now I don't remember the exact year (2008?) but it seemed like Melbourne rock was really goin' great guns with top records by Beaches, Eddy Current, Ooga Boogas, Witch Hats, The Drones, Fabulous Diamonds all in the same year. Not forgetting the old garde Mr Cave & Mr Graney as well, who delivered the goods too. It seemed like it was gonna go through the roof in the following years but it didn't. Anyway no need to dwell on such ideas. Looking forward to new records from Ooga Boogas and Beaches if they still exist
Anyway it seems like there is a bambino Melbourne music mafia now. Twerps, Toatal Conrol, Eddy Current, Dick Diver, UV Race etc. You know they're all playing on one anothers records or producing them. Like the old Melbourne Music Mafia. The bambini have their own scene/quasi sylee/monopoly of cool/uncool now. Anyway I'm also even enjoying a Lost Animal track at the moment. The UV Race have become my favourite post Eddy Current Suppression Ring Band and I mean that as a compliment. Maybe the Melbourne scene will eventually go bananas like the old days, I hope so there seems to be some great talent about. The Bambini Rock (well some of em do).

The UV Race of the Bambino Melbourne music mafia with country connections.


  1. It does happen, also with people owning recording studios or being friends with other musicians. Prime example is Jeff Lang doing guest guitar spots with the Jed Rowe band as he produced their album.

    I had a rule for a while that I wouldn't go to see a new band unless they were playing with someone I already knew, after a while it didn't matter as the number of bands I was going to see expanded exponentially.

    Fred Negro even did a Pub Strip about the Melbourne Mafia "do you love wee like I love poo" indeed.

  2. It wasn't meant as a derogatory term. I think it's a good thing. Early Flying Nun, No Wave, The Little bands, 70s Cleveland were all scenes of distinction and ran along the same lines as The Bambini do.

    I dont get the fred Negro quote though. Please explain.