Sunday 1 July 2012

John Whitney's Matrix III

John Whitney
Matrix III

I was on a blog the other day and I never watch youtube clips of things I've never heard of, anyway this caught my eye. It was from 1972 and looked like something they might have shown down at the old Melbourne Cinemateque, then housed in a crappy little theatre at RMIT, in the early 90s. So I checked it out and it was incredible. So if you're only gonna watch one youtube clip from my blog this year make this the one. So this is some kind of Avant-Garde 70s Graphic Cinema. John & his brother James had started this kind of thing in back the 1940s. Take the trip man!

John Whitney

This one is six years earlier but just as nifti. Don't drop the brown acid man. John was quite famous I think and influential in computer graphics etc. and ended up interested in Eastern philosophy. Using mandala like meditations for his films. They're mesmerising! Great colours, circles, lines and dots.

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