Friday 23 December 2022

Los Orientales - Chinito Bailarin

This tune... Peruvian cumbia at its most mesmerising, psychedelic and intense. There's a guitar line that starts at 0:58 to 1:13 you could imagine Bernard Sumner or Marty Wilson Piper playing then another guitar turns in that incredible new wave-esque oriental break. How this tune manages to stay true to its cumbia roots, in fact more so than a lot of other Peruvian cumbia songs usually do, is a testament to this combo's integrity. Chinito Bailarin is from Los Orientales second single. I like to imagine this is a mini guitar duel with Maximiliano Chavez fervently trading licks with Victor Ramirez just before they parted ways and the group split into two. I mean we don't know who played what exactly so this story, which is possibly true, is what I'm going with. The best!

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