Saturday 24 December 2022

Grupo Genesis - Vuela Cóndor Vuela

If you think all Peruvian cumbia sounds like The Ventures with Tito Puente on drums think again. The 80s ushered in a much more slickly produced sound which was a lot more glossy, synthetic and electronic. A whole new set of influences were on the cards: Euro Disco, electro-synth-pop, cosmic synth, prog etc. while the tunes became more vocal and lyric based. There were new stylistic flourishes, to add to the usual tropical twang-fest, that hint at shoegaze and vapourwave while still retaining the fuzz/wah wah guitars and danceable latin poly rhythms. 

Anyway Vuela Cóndor Vuela always blows my little mind especially when it gets to the surreal almost shogaze-y bit where it lifts off into the stratosphere followed by that disorienting backwards/forwards "what's going on?" sonic moment before getting back to the tune. Quite a trip. Anthemic!

*Also LOOK that outfit, it says it all. 

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