Thursday 4 February 2021

Invasion/Australia Day Rock Edition


I loved this GangGajang song when i was in year 7. It still sounds great. I'm thinking only Aussies will understand that. Then again particularly idiosyncratic and quintessentially Australian bands like The Triffids and Mental As Anything went global so maybe I'm wrong. I guess what I mean is it was only a minor hit here so it's not gonna give my international viewers that nostalgia rush!

Ugly Thing from The Creatures is from my hometown Mildura is much more well known to my international audience coz it's a scuzzy 1967 garage rock classic. Plus they named an American rock magazine after it as well as well as a series of great 80s compilations of 60s Aussie garage rock on Raven Records

Next we have this Aussie 80s rock gem from the amazing Died Pretty featuring the impossibly charismatic frontman Ron Peno. Everybody Moves has almost become too unbearably emotional for me now. Such a simple line "Everybody changes" cuts so so deep every time I hear it. I think they were popular in Greece & Spain and a cult band in America. I do recall a write up in Melody Maker around the late late 80s too.

Now American college kids (LOL) of a certain age (just over 50) are gonna remember one of the Ultimate Aussie Underground Tunes. This Screaming Tribesman song IGLOO was a mega hit on American college radio. I'm pretty sure sure in some American states it entered the mainstream top 40 charts. Gee I wonder why? This 1983 tune still blows my mind. Better than fucking Nirvana right here in 1983! Guitars only comparable to Husker Du's Bob who I'm guessing was a fan. IT DOESN'T GET BETTER THAN THIS!!!

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