Wednesday 10 February 2021



Like an addict I had a fabulous moment of clarity where I saw the absolute meaninglessness and emptiness of twitter. 

And just like that "POOF!" After 10  or 11 years it's DEACTIVATED!



  1. whenever i feel stirred to answer back someone on Twitter, i always think of these lines from Jay-Z: “A wise man told me don't argue with fools / Cos people from a distance can't tell who is who.”

  2. I Like that Simon!

    It totally echoes what I wrote.

    I've been sucked in and out for years.

    I would get into fierce ugly fights.

    Then i'd be posting anti-twitter messages. Posting about unity and love, posting lot's of gospel-disco videos.

    But I was still in that poisonous web space and I would get dragged back in no matter how many anti-twitter messages I would post or how many psych, soul, funk, disco etc. tunes I'd put up.

    So I just had to do it. It was getting bad for my mental health. 2020 had enough to fuck up anybody's brain and it was adding more.

    Like a junkie I'm missing it a lot.

    I'll have to get that tune out if i'm ever about to rejoin/relapse.