Sunday 17 January 2021

Planet Core Productions Live - 1995

This one goes out to my brother in law. I played him Marc Acardipane's Holy Jungle Mess (1994 Mix) during the festive season. Sure he's 15 years younger than me but he said "I hated that track. If it had of had some chav mc’n up a storm over it then I could get down." Well I'm not even sure what chav means in English or whether it would even translate into German but if you want some gabbers MC=ing & dancing over Acardipane beatz you got it right here. Future in yo face! YOU KNOW THE SCORE!  


  1. Fucking awesome right?!!

    I wish I'd done the cliche Aussie thing and gone to Europe in the 90s while I was in my 20s!

    Anyway that future has passed/past.

    The future is still right here though!