Wednesday 20 June 2012

So Long Turkish Psychedelic Music Blog!

One of the great Turkish
Psychedelic outfits.

Hey Ladies.

Some of my favourite blogs have been disappearing for a while now and another one has just bitten the dust, Turkish Psychedelic Music. This was an incredible resource of its namesake. This music is not easy to find in Australia. There was so much good stuff on there i didn't download. Will this music ever be accessible again? I can hardly see a rush of Turkish reissues forthcoming although I do have a few. A lot of the content from this blog though was scratchy old vinyl nobody was ever gonna reissue.

Glowing Raw was another fave who has packed up shop recently along with Holy Warbles and Flashing Light Will Blind Us who have disappeared without trace. Woebot disappearing (a while ago now) was the weirdest. He didn't have illegal downloads so why didn't he just leave his discontinued blog up there? It was one of THE Great blogs! Was he embarrassed by his old content? If anyone knows how to find the Woebot archives let me know.



    i'm back again!

  2. Tim, it's nice that you made an entry about it, thanks to you we now have the new address ;)

    by the way, though I'm also picking many a good thing from the above-mentioned blog (or elsewhere, for that matter!), I'm a Turk residing in Turkey, and have access to lots of things not available in Australia... (ironically, one of the most prominent labels specializing on hard-to-find music from all over the world, the appropriately named "World Psychedelia" label is located in Korea!!! and they released many an excellent Turkish Psych/Prog albums/compilations which are hard to find even here, at least in digital format having a good sound quality)

    Despite the sparsity of material, I managed to collect a huge lump so far, and though still collecting (and mostly upgrading from rather sh*tty rips) I can share what already have... feel free to contact me for requests. I collect in a wide range of qualities, from lossless to 128k mp3's... (I can downsample lossless or HQ lossy files to any requested bitrate)

    If you're worried about where to find info on Turkish (Psych/Prog) Rock, here are a few pages to start: (this is a general page, and links to almost every single country in the world! I added the link to Turkey below)
    actually the important link in the page is the one about '70's acts:

    it has a rather comprehensive list at the bottom of the page, with links to respective artists/bands. Here are some of my personal favorites:

    I'm going to keep an eye on this page, so you can write any requests here. I'll do my best to get it, provided I have it myself :)