Tuesday 12 June 2012

My Bloody Valentine

There isn't anything to add to the discourse about this legendary band is there? I doubt it. Their new reissue ep's 1988-1991 has arrived and it contains 2 tracks I've never been able to find. The Isn't Anything LP was originally issued with a bonus 7" containing 2 instrumentals which have become legendary(in my mind a least). I had the CD so never had these 2 tracks and have been waiting for them to turn up. I'd heard they were more of a precursor to the Glider EP than anything off Isn't Anything. Indeed instrumental no 2 is v ahead of its time, it makes you wonder what MBV could have become. It's kinda spooky psychedelic looped dubby hip hop. Instrumental no 2 is Seefeel's template 5 years early. Actually you know what? it could be a Boards of Canada track. This track is that sublime. Then Instrumental no 1 is what you would expect from MBV circa 1988 ie it fuckin rocks and does so inna fine stlylee.


There are 3 previously unreleased tracks as well. No info on these, no session dates etc. They could be rough demos from anytime during this period really. They're welcome raids on the archive if not brain meltingly revolutionary. The long version of Glider is here too along with Sugar the b-side to Only Shallow but no Soon remix (Which I find odd).

*Should I just rename my blog Retromania?

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