Friday 29 June 2012

Primitive Calculators...a reprise.

Rare live colour photo of The Primitive Calculators in their attempt to hit the brown note.

I left out two quotes one from Stuart Grant:
"The utter negativity and the Nhilism of it was just absolutely intoxicating"
Listening to the band you really get that gleefull sense of the void.

Tracey could you just take off the
hat! It's not a goodlook. I'm not
even gonna mention the
mesh t-shirt.

Then there was this great quote from Rowland S Howard (The Birthday Party, These Immortal Souls, Solo performer etc.) which made me realise he wasn't an egotistical bitch:

"Even The Primitive Calculators who I loathed were unique. I can't think of anybody else around the world who was doing that kind of thing."

There will be a companion piece to The Primitive Calculators Glaring Omissions article on the Little Bands scene that they instigated. Denise (keyboards) might even get a word in in that article. The Beat Goes On!!!On & On!!!

Primitive Calculators in the late 70s wastelands of Melbourne.
*Thanks again ABC's Hindsight and Richard Lowenstein.

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