Thursday 29 March 2012

Mutant Sounds

I have been lookin' at Mutant Sounds this week and remembering how good it is. We are so lucky to have a resource like this available to every man & his dog. I could spend the rest of my life downloading stuff from here and not go anywhere else. The cult of the new still holds sway with me though. I buy records, tapes, cds, dvds and digital downloads of new and old stuff. I always will. Mutant Sounds has introduced me to some great stuff I never knew about though, like the French Cosmic prog of Spacecraft and Archaia.

 It has also given me the chance to listen to things I've never been able to find like Smegma's Pigs For Lepers and Nino Nardini's Musique Pour Le Futur.

 This week I'm into Static Effect who I'd never heard of last week and I'm diggin' their tape (well mp3) Dead Game in Any weather. 'Fourth World gone malarial' is how they described it. How could I resist?

 I think it is the best sharity blog I've come across. I'll have to have a little think about who the runners up are. I also think, apart from their great music, part of their appeal is they only upload stuff that is no longer in print unlike many other blogs. I'm also amazed at the knowledge  they possess about the most subterranean of artists. They are giving the world a parallel history of music which really makes rockcrit consensus stale and lame. I really like the idea of these underground artists reaching all these people they never could have imagined. Particularly those who recorded and made 20 copies of a tape/record in the days before the Internet.

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