Monday 26 March 2012

The Masters Apprentices

Writing about them the other day made me dig out the reissue (on Aztec Music) of their debut album and what a bewdy! You can always edit albums these days, so there is no need to listen to the filler covers. I like their version of I Feel Fine and Dancing Girl though. Anyway it's all about Undecided, War or Hands of Time, Buried and Dead, But One Day, Hot Gully Wind, Theme For a Social Climber and She's My Girl - Classics! They really had a good thing goin' with the dual guitars, Jim's snarling vox and the raw production. Then there's the singles Livin' In a Child's Dream/Tired of Just Wandering and Elevator Driver - Also classics!. Can't say I dig Brigette but the b side is ok, Four Years After Five. It's around this time (before the recording of Elevator Driver) that their main songwriter MJ Bower lost the plot and retired from the Masters. Which ended the raw psychedelic tinged R&B phase of the group (ie. pre Glenn Wheatley). Mick Bower went into nursing I think. In 1968 Mick Bower released a further single under the name The Bucket which featured members of The Others & Blues, Rags n Hollers, I can't help thinking of you was released on Festival and then that was it. Bower's recording career was over. What could have been?? Does he have a SMILE hidden away somewhere?

Buried and Dead
Masters Apprentices

How cool is the drummer?

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