Monday 19 March 2012

Haezlewood - Hellmouth 66

(XWAY 23)

This I think was the last release on Xpressway and may even be the reason the label was halted.  I was never able to track down X/Way 14 which was Sferic Experiment's Bunny Liver tape. Chris Heazlewood was a member of said band and later went on to form King Loser who I sometimes liked and sometimes didn't. This tape however is the shit! I've been avoiding writing a big piece on possibly my favourite NZ act of all time The Axemen because I can't think of how to describe them and the effect they have on me. Heazlewood is possibly influenced by them, well a lot of this tape is in similar spiritual territory anyway. The chaotic squalling psychedelic noise makes perfect sense to my brain. The guitars are mental and well the whole thing is a bit of fuzzed out dementia. If that sounds like your tea of cup track it down on the interweb. This is one of my favourite Xpressway releases ever!


  1. Here's the Sferics Tape for you if you still need it.....

  2. Thanks Bob

    You made my shite week/month/year just that little bit less shite.