Tuesday 4 June 2024

The Ripper - Rod Slane

Once again a soundtracks to a z-grade 80s horror flick that outshines all other contributions to the film. Rod Slane's The Ripper OST has never been released. This 11 minute suite extracted from the movie and edited together by Fish Man starts out eerily sad quickly becoming cinematic with compounding layers of suspenseful sound and soon enough alarming atmospheres are achieved. At 3:00 those incredible chiming synths enter rippling kaleidoscopically outwards eventually deforming. More sonic layers are insidiously added, the pile up reaching immense density and aural capacity. Thick textures  of dramatic synthetic sound are deployed to great effect and by 6:30 some ├╝ber-80s guitar tones arrive then it's back to dark tones before ending with a tropical neon nights synth jam. 

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