Monday 20 November 2023

Al Di Meola - Suite Golden Dawn

Al Di Meola - Suite Golden Dawn:  (1976)
Another monster fusion jam from the ffuture. 

Mind-blowing your mind!

Al Di had a good little run of albums in the 70s but had an even better run of album covers. This is how a 21 year old Al Di chose to present himself to the world. I mean how many of us have lived this dream? If I put my other spectacles on and brushed my hair down I would basically be this LP cover. It's a vibe. It's a life vibe. It's an aspirational life vibe we all need to be striving for. Thank-you Al Di Meola for making us want to be better people in our lives!

Al Di Meola - The Wizard (1976)
The relentless opening track from Al's debut LP is ferocious fire on the frets. I believe these are blazing hot licks! Apart from the scintillatingly intense fretwork from the incomparable Al Di, The Wizard is a drummage and percussion extravaganza! That's Steve Gadd on drums and Mingo Lewis doing the percussion. Thank you lads for extravaganza-ing the rhythms. 

Peak unbeatable heavy fusion.  

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