Saturday 29 July 2023

Syrinx - Meteora

The ace title track of the 1980 Syrinx LP reminds me of something like Illitch circa 10 Suicides but with added violin. Syrinx's one and only LP Meteora is a cosmic prog electro jam. This German group never get mentioned anywhere by anyone and this album has never been reissued. 
Maximilian Marzinkowski's, the mastermind behind the Syrinx, only other synth performance and songwriting credits post Syrinx were for a couple of (pretty bad) singles for fledgling pop stars. The other band members never participated any further in the recording industry. 

Surely these qualities are all worthy of making Syrinx a mythical group...

For the gear heads here's a list of stuff Marzinkowski played on Meteora: KLH computer-controlled loudspeakers model 1 + 2, ARP 2600, ARP-AXXE, ARP String, Roland Jupiter, rhythm computer, analog sequenzer, digital sequenzer, vocoder.

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