Sunday 23 July 2023

Egisto Macchi - I Futuribili

Egisto Macchi - I Futuribili (1971)
Not just a top library album but one of the greatest albums of all time. Macchi was a master of atmosphere. His strings, scrapes, clanks, throbs and echoes conjure an unsettling ominous beauty all of their own.

Egisto Macchi a shadowy figure from the Italian electro-acoustic/musique concrète/contemporary classical/improv avant-garde also made a stack of music for telly and film. In the 1970s he got involved in making library music LPs where he could bring together and meld these disparate musical forms. Macchi combined outré and popularly conventional elements to create uncanny sound-worlds of the most delicious variety. High and low art were brought together like never before and he had a run of fabulous LPs. 

I futuribili is notable for its irregular tenebrous space.

Chess please. Left to right Morricone, Evangelisti and Macchi. 

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