Wednesday 26 October 2022

Parabellum - Sacrilegio


More unhinged noise from Colombia in the 80s. This is uncategorisable. It's got elements of Hardcore, Thrash, Black Metal, Noise Rock & Death Metal but really it's not particularly any of these is it? It's so chaotic and amorphous it unwittingly becomes pretty psychedelic. Sacriligio is noise-y metal but I kinda hesitate to call it that because some micro-genre nerd has probably already claimed that as a pigeon hole for some other type of music. 

Some bright spark called this wave of metal coming out of MedellĂ­n, Antioquio, Colombia in the 80s Ultra Metal - and they were correct! 

Apparently Parabellum were one of the first extreme metal bands to come out of South America, possibly the original. I love that this glorious racket came out on my favourite Latin label Discos Fuentes who were responsible for bringing the tropical sounds of Cumbia to the world in the 20th century. There ain't no latin rhythms on Sacrilegio though.

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