Wednesday 9 November 2022

DJ Crystl - The Dark Crystl/Inna Year 3000 (1993)

Getting back to where I was up to in my March jungle posts. This was Crystl's most famous tune as I recall (Hey I might be wrong as my brain is diminishing daily. Feel free to correct me). The Dark Crystl is undeniable darkside jungle choonage of historical significance to the hardcore continuum.

This was the flip.

*This is a test. Testing Testing 123....Let's hope these two audio clips work.


***I'm using Odysee which like Rumble is a Youtube alternative. Like Twitter pre-Musk Youtube has a retarded biased establishment left agenda (the mainstream democrat media line that actually blindly cheerleads big pharma, big tech, war etc.) so does not believe in free speech. In the last few days they have taken down videos of honest  commentators, who only want the truth backed by evidence and facts, because they didn't agree with their political viewpoints.

I'd love to never use the youtubes ever again as we don't need our information and thoughts policed, particularly by those Neil Young-crying into their man nappy Soviet types with authoritarian cheerleading tendencies, but unfortunately youtube have a cultural stronghold on music video content. 

The dude who runs the channel that these two DJ Crystl clips are from had his youtube account suspended a few months ago. Fortunately he had uploaded a mirror channel onto Odysee which I've only just rediscovered.  Anyway at this stage Rumble and Odysee seem to be the video content platforms that aren't the censorship arm of the establishment. For now it appears you are allowed free thought & speech so I'll be trying to use them as much as possible. 

Enjoy the music while you can as DJ Crystl's clips usually don't seem to stick around on these platforms for long. I'm guessing whoever runs hardcore Junglism is the copyright zealot who keeps reporting rogue Crystl clips. At this stage of the game you would think that keeping this music in the conversation is what is going to give it longevity. Every other hardcore/jungle/dnb artist is available to be discovered and listened to so this strategy is just going to write your music out of the game...anyway...

Keep on rockin' in the free world...

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