Thursday 7 July 2022

Controlled Death - Music for the Death Cult Church

Very enjoyable racket from pioneering Japanese noise performance artist Maso Yamazaki aka Masonna: The rock star of noise. He's been doing Controlled Death now for 5 or so years. This is drone-y lo-fi psychedelic dark ambient goodness. It's got church-y organs and malignant synths that infect the already sinister tones for added infernal resonance. Music For The Death Cult Church was released exclusively on cassette in February in a limited edition of 99 with no digital download option. It's now sold out and copies go for 80 Aussie dollars on discogs so I'm very grateful to the youtube channel Rites Of Pestilence for uploading this. It's quite possibly the best work under Yamazki's Controlled Death moniker.

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