Thursday 28 April 2022

Musick for Psychedelic Duelling Volume 2 - R.E.E.L.

R.E.E.L. return with a good fun follow up to their debut tape from 2020. All sorts of sprawling haunted & cosmic sonic shenanigans. An array of fringe cultural detritus is assembled for your listening pleasure. Cosmic synths, occult electronics, knackered acid house, sinister ambience, esoteric found sounds, dialogue from shonky charlatans and naff beat poets. It's all here to evoke a damp lost psychedelia with glimmers of past euphoria and haunting reminders of failed utopian experiments. In their bandcamp screed R.E.E.L. give us many nudge nudge wink winks to the world in which this recording is ensconced: Half hearted acid house, cosmic foolishness, acid communism, psychic alchemy, Coil, Tangerine Dream, Albert Camus, Sun Ra, Francis Bacon, snail slime, forensic angels, brown acid, Somerset, crackles, special K hole etc. etc.  

R.E.E.L. are Farmer Glitch (Hacker Farm, pHarmerz), Matt Saunders (The Assembled Minds) and Saxon Roach (IX Tab).

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