Friday 8 April 2022

E-Z Rollers

Pro-Ton-Isospace - True Jungle (1994)
A real jungle oditty is this with its tripped out oriental bamboo flute, Shabba Ranks dancehall sample, environmental sounds of the forest and breakbeat science. I doubt this ever got played out but its good egghead jungle from Pro-Ton-Isospace a Hyper on Experience alias.

Parallel World - Contagious (1994)
This is quite lovely. In ambient jungle what more do you need? That ambient synth sound is mysterious. To me it's neither dark nor idyllic but a liminal feel not easily categorisable. I guess you can project whatever vibe you like onto it. Noice.

Parallel World - Tear Into It (1994)
So Parallel World were a one off alias for JMJ & Richie and their entire output was the above two tunes issued on a 12 inch by Good Looking Records. 

E-Z Rollers - Rolled Into One (1994)
I only realised recently the duo E-Z Rollers contained Alex Banks who was one of the fellas from Hyper On Experience of Lord Of Null Lines fame. The other bloke is Jay Hurren aka JMJ from the aforementioned Parallel World and JMJ & Richie. An impeccable rather minimal anthem that still sounds so fresh in 2022. Peak 90s music right here folks!

E-Z Rollers - Believe (1994)
An undeniable milestone of jungle into drum & bass with a lovely rolling beat, conga joy, the diva refrain of "Believe" then that delectable and game-changing library music/tv theme type synth break at 5.43. Drum & Bass perfected at a pretty early stage. 

E-Z Rollers - Dimensions Of Sound (1996)
By the time Alex & Jay released this album I was finished with drum & bass so I never checked it out until last year. Yeah I know but hey at least in 2022 I've got some fresh drum & bass to listen to without having to resort to listening to the inferior current crop of liquid drum & bass. Sure this ain't peak jungle as the insane choppage, time-stretching, mentasms and overall sonic delirium are out and fuck me Talking Jazz is an ill advised monstrosity, as it's basically commercial acid jazz of the most horrific variety, but most of the rest of these tracks roll along in a pleasant manner. E-Z.


  1. That "Contagious" has a sample from "Pirate's Anthem"!

  2. Also, "Believe" is very nice, but the Foul Play remix is just something else

  3. Funny that "Contagious" contains Pirate's Anthem sample because so does Pro-Ton-Isospace's "True Jungle".

    Jay & Alex were mates long before forming EZ-Rollerz I think I read somewhere.

    1. ah, yes, i got the tunes mixed up, it's Pro-Ton-Isospace that has "Pirate Anthem" in it. "Contagious" has a dolphin and a lady.