Sunday 3 April 2022



In 2020 you didn't realise you needed a band from Kenya doing grindcore crossed with hardcore techno crossed with noise until you did. All the elements that those genres entail are included thrash/brutal death/black metal, hardcore/crust punk, industrial, breakbeat, hardcore rave, gabber, doom/gloom/terror-core and more. Where the two hardcores inadvertently meet. 

I was looking for the live in France video that Duma just posted on their instagram moments ago but this will have to suffice. As the hashtags said "Heavy metal gabber techno punk rock and roll" Wait for the change up - take it down moment at 1.36 where the metal-noise onslaught dissipates and the breaks are revealed.

Creepy doom-y shit too. 

And only this 7 inch in 2021. The Horror.

Listen to their intensely chaotic noise and gloomified feral mayhem of the debut album from 2020 right here while we wait to see if their new tape will fulfil their promise. I sense that Duma will go more into gabber zones perhaps losing some of the grindcore elements but I'd love it if they embraced doom/gloomcore. They seem to identify mostly as a metal band though so who knows? 

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