Monday 3 September 2012

Roxy Music

Any reason to mention Roxy Music is a good reason. Their debut LP is 40 years old. Here's a recent article over at The Guardian by Simon Reynolds. I don't think I can add anything really that I haven't already. I like that Eno supports what I said about that first record being insane. Phil Manzanera supports this view as well saying "The whole of that first album sounds so weird. It's such a mish-mash of stuff."

The Bob
from Roxy Music could I resist?!
Vic Reeves & Co doing Virginia Plain!

but they blew my mind
from For Your Pleasure

Later Greatness!
Same Old Scene


  1. Excellent find there - the Reeves and Mortimer clip. Hysterical. I loved it. Matt Lucas on drums. No idea who is being Eno. Good stuff. :-)

  2. Will Self (the author I guess) and Jonny Vegas are the other two.