Friday 28 September 2012

Boardwalk Empire/25 Years Of Telly

Nelson Van Alden - Good Christian fellow
Just finished watching the 2nd season of Boardwalk Empire and I'm loving it. There are some great characters in there, some really good creeps. It got me thinking how slow crime used to take 90 years ago. The show is hardly as action packed as something like Breaking Bad and nor should it be. Today with mobile phones, computers, cctv and tracking devices crime happens within an instant as does the news of it but in The Boardwalk Empire days they may have had to wait weeks if not longer to pull off a crime or receive news of a crime or a cross. Some people may perceive Boardwalk Empire as slow but its pacing suits the era in which it is set perfectly.

Gillian Darmody-a good mum

Richard Harrow

While in Sydney I read a pretty good article, for a mainstream newspaper, in the Sydney Morning Herald on the best telly shows of the last 25 years and it was fairly spot on. Not the order of course that was ludicrous. Why do they have to rank such lists? Mad Men seems to be mostly appreciated due to its set design and wardrobe. Can't I just look at a picture book for such things or watch an episode of Bewitched? All my drama faves (most of these are comedy dramas I guess) were there though Six Feet Under, The Sopranos, The Wire, Deadwood, Twin Peaks, Blue Murder and Breaking Bad. Some of my favourite American sitcoms were listed too including Curb Your Enthusiasm, Seinfeld and the cult comedy Arrested Development. I also must admit to enjoying reruns of Frasier in recent years, something I could never have imagined/been horrified by in my 20s. I am wondering where Northern Exposure is? What about 30 Rock?

Do you think I'm sexy?

Only one British comedy makes the list from the past 25 years - The Office, which of course is a fine choice. It had me thinking is this a Sydney thing being so focused on America? Would the list have been more anglophile if it were compiled by a Melbourne paper? Just a thought to entertain. Some of the greatest British tv comedies of all time are from the last 25 years namely Ab Fab, Knowing Me Knowing You, The Royale Family, The Fast Show, Reeves & Mortimer, The Mighty Boosh, I'm Alan Partridge, Little Britain, Father Ted (Irish I know), Ali G, Black Books, Spaced, Peep Show, Help and The Trip to mention just a few. The Australian (so called) comedy Frontline makes it in but you've got to wonder how well that would stand up to viewing today considering it's sibling The Hollowmen was unwatchable when it was aired recently.

The Royale Family
Is this the most loved British comedy from the last 25 years?
I've never seen The West Wing. Lost well that lost me somewhere between season 1 and 2, I just didn't care. The X files is for other people. I watched Buffy up until about the end of the 3rd season I think then she got that military sort of boyfriend then it was never the same. Anyone for Wilfred? What about Flight of The Conchords? Where's The Blue Planet??? No variety?? No Letterman?????...........

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