Wednesday 15 August 2012


Mick & Jarboe back in 94 waitin to be hip again, only
15 years to wait.
 Seeing Swans without Jarboe to me would be like seeing The Mac without either Buckingham or Nicks (well Nicks really) Wasn't she integral? She was to me & I loved Swans right up to Soundtracks for the Blind, you know when no one else was listening to them anymore except that dude from Snog who used to have a fuckin great show on PBS. So their resurgence has been quite baffling to me. People my age who'd never heard of 'em/couldn't have cared less about them back in the 80/90s all of a sudden knowing about Swans in the 2010s is a bit weird....... the younger ones I can understand...... anyway whatever the internet makes everyone an instant expert these days and eventually we'll all have the knowledge of the world inserted into our brains and we'll probably have a choice of whose opinions we'd like as well. Soundtracks For The Blind is probs my equal fave LP of theirs along with Children of God. Apparently Jarboe did some backing vocals on a couple of tracks on the new record but she's hardly rejoined the band.

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