Wednesday 8 August 2012

Life On Earth

Now I've got the hatrick: book, soundtrack and now the 12 hours and 5 minutes of the original groundbreaking BBC telly series of Life On Earth from 1979 for cheap on dvd. Alert!!!! Sir David has Jeans. Who knew? Also was he always old?  Three years in the making. It's got that awesome late 70s film stock look about it. A kind of faded but in all its clarity still blueish green colour. Like the sound of Boards of Canada if you know what I mean. I'm loving it. Alert!!!! Sir David says 'a females sexual opening'. Who knew spiders had so much sex. Alert!!!!Sir David blows shit up with like dynamite! He says sexual in a funny way and a lot! Hipster checked cowboy shirt alert!!!! Sir David still manages to make it look daggy thank god! The world is still in order. All I need is the badge, poster, sticker and t-shirt. I actually think this trio will do till I see the great man in a week and a half. Expecting very baggy harry highpants in non descript colour, don't mind so much about the shirt. I'm guessing light blue long sleeves. I'll keep you posted.

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