Sunday 20 May 2012

a good laugh

I've been havin a great laugh with 2 records lately. First there is this Kraut-Prog record Paternoster by Pater Noster. Recommended by several people on the Blogosphere and the Cosmic Egg guys. I thought it was gonna be great. Well maybe it is. I love the music. I just need to get used to the vocals which are a little bit over the top and a little bit funny. Then I had to rewind the 3rd track, Stop These Lines, to make sure that's what he had just sung....."Dressed in clothes you always wear/Go to work I wont be there/Luchtime snackbar eating chips/Ketchup's running down your lips/Deadeyed waiters selling bibs/Which you have to fix with clips/Sitting waiting find an end/Meaningless with no comment"..........It continues on in a very serious and intense manner. I was in fits of laughter. Comedy gold.

*Spellcheck offered an alternative word for Kraut-Prog which was geriatric. Rather fitting I thought and well................. fucking strange!

So serious they're hilarious.
Then the next record had me filled with glee. I found St Helens Heavy Profession for $6 in a bargain bin. It can't be that bad, I thought, it was in end of year top 10 lists etc...some of it must be good. First track, had a smile on my face. Great. Second track, wow! How do they do this? Smiles all round. They were Australia's very own Royal Trux tribute band. It must be a hard thing to do considering how idiosyncratic Royal Trux were. You could have put it in a Royal Trux sleeve and said this is their lost record from 1996 and I would have believed you.

Honey have you seen my
Royal Trux t-shirt my
boobs are getting cold?

It's a bewdy!

Anyway it had me diggin' out me old Royal Trux albums. Possibly my favourite 90s rock band. The one I'm diggin' at the moment is Sweet Sixteen. What a mammoth sound they had on that!  Fuckin' great songs, epic keyboards, funny riddims and out there production make Sweet Sixteen the triumph it is!

During a dinner party conversation once the question being asked was 'If you were stranded on a desert island and could have one record what would it be blah blah'.........I answered Twin Infinitives to bemused looks and silence...............

Desert Island Disc

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