Sunday 6 May 2012

Cool Covers

Raw Thrills Gun Cruisin' (2012)
The best record cover ever. Not really into the music though. Prince/80s pastiche.


Anyway it reminded me of some other choice covers. Miami Nights '84 with their 2 records, Early Summer & Turbulence. Now these 2 do live up to their covers. 80s synth soundtrack music with a disco beat and soaring guitar solos. Its all about Michael Knight, Don Johnson, High cut bikinis, Andrew McCarthy, Arcade games, Perms, discos, John Hughes, Trans Ams, Michael J Fox, Molly Ringwald's undies...This is definitely up cheese. If you liked that Skyramps record a few years back you'll probably dig these. Check out some of the track titles Ocean Drive, Sunset Cruise, Elevator of Love, Saved By The Bell, High Beams etc.

Sun Araw - On Patrol (2010). Then there's this great cover from a couple of years back.
One of my favourite records of the 2010s so far. This ain't kitsch, these are deep psychedelic space jams of the highest order. Sublime.

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