Monday 25 September 2023

Natural Snow Buildings - Daughter Of Darkness

Natural Snow Buildings - Satanic Demona Part I (2009)
I was just poking around the internet looking to clear up some things in my head. I kept getting confused I saw this album by Mount Eerie and thought I'd heard it before but then I was thinking maybe that was Mount Kimbie and who exactly are Panthu De Prince and The Microphones. And are...Natural Snow Building who I've been mixing up with slow Buildings, no some post-punk revival band Life Before Buildings for twenty years? And is James Blake the guy I've been thinking is some other guy for a long time maybe this other guy Dean Blunt? Is this Eluviam guy from Mount Kimbie the same guy from Portland who does ambient records? All these people and more have been conflated and confused in my brain for a long time. At the same time I don't wanna check out stuff I already decided was bollocks years ago but how will I know? Maybe I need to make lists of all the music I've checked out and disliked...anyway... 

So I decided to look into Natural Snow Buildings. Turns out they are French and not who I thought they are or were. I may have investigated them in the past but I don't remember. Some people out there think they are really good and say their 2009 five cassette set Daughter Of Darkness was the best music of that year. I'm getting through disc two and I gotta say it's pretty enjoyable black as night psych-folk-drone of the highest order so far, so that appears promising. Some of these tracks of apocalyptic strumming & sustain are over forty minutes long! I don't know if they're cool or dorks or poseurs or earnest or revolting hipsters or have a moronic political agenda or what and I don't really care. This shit was old hat then as it is now but it seems to be quite a likeable, seductive and enchanting hat so... thou shalt enter the darkness.

Natural Snow Buildings - Daughters Of Darkness (2009)
Undeniably exquisite drone-y psych-folk: Night Trippin' in all the colours of the dark.

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