Sunday 17 September 2023

Ed Kuepper - When There's This Party

It's party time people! Ed gets positively upbeat and groovy on this 1988 Smash hit! This is so swinging and yet so so fucking tight it's pop perfection innit. Absolute anthem.

*The fact that this didn't make the top 10 in Australia or even crack the top 40 kinda made me hate Australia back then...well the machinations of the mainstream music scene at least. How fucking clueless! This gave me an insight, at an impressionable age, into how the world works ie. not how it should! Then again if The Go-Betweens' Spring Rain didn't go straight to the top of the charts what did I expect? The goddamn LP When There's This Party came from Everybody's Got To only made it to number 42 (???). 

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