Friday 18 August 2023

Kim Salmon - You Know Me Better Than That

Kim Salmon with STM - You Know Me Better Than That (1994)
Totally forgot about this tune and the Hey Believer LP it came from. Speaking of mid 90s rock performers in Australia I mean Kim Salmon (ex-Scientists) was killing it, well he was in Melbourne anyway. Kim Salmon & The Surrealists shows were reaching levels of delirium circa 93/94/95. I recall a couple of great packed ones at The Club and one at the Punters where his pants were so low we thought they were gonna fall off. It was magic how they stayed up.

The band he had for this particular song and half of the album though was STM which contained legends Warren Ellis, Jim White and that dude from King Idiot on bass who if I recall correctly later died of an overdose. They used to play at the Great Britain a lot then later I recall attending a week-night residency many times in probably 93 at the Punters. I'm not sure the band was advertised as STM. Actually I always thought they were called The Body Electric like they were when they backed Charlie Marshall. It might have just been promoted as Kim Salmon solo actually. A lot of the live stuff didn't make it to this cd or anywhere actually. You forget that bands and artists have entire periods and phases that go undocumented.

Anyway this shit right here is peak performance from Kim. The entire group though is absolutely cooking. I'm saying this could be the finest track Warren ever collaborated on. I mean it's scintillating with its sort of Shaft-esque infectious energy. I dunno what Warren's doing here - some sort of picking at the violin. And Jim is effervescent on the skins once again. Whatever's going on with this fusion of lounge, symphonic soul, disco and swamp rock somehow they make it fresh and not particularly resembling any of those influences. The tense fluxion here makes this irresistibly pop and irresistible pop. 

You probably had to be there.

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