Thursday 17 August 2023

Blind Test: 1990-1993 UK Hardcore

Some legends doing the guessing here. I gotta say though how good does this dude Joe Nebula aka J Shotter from Nebula II look. Also just his general air is such a good vibe, something to aspire to. 

This guessing game is good fun. If you've not come across Blind Test before there's a bunch of old episodes worth watching on jungle, drum n bass, UKG, gabber, ebm and electro. 

Listening to this through a computer makes these tunes sound pretty crap. You have to listen to the hardcore breakbeats on a good system or through good headphones at maximum volume otherwise you just ain't gonna get it.

Nebula II - Seance (1991)

Nebula II - Atheama (1991)
Even in this profound dysphoric mood I can still see that this tune is so fucking great. Perhaps this is the ultimate test as to whether music is frivolous or not. Maybe it's the fact that euphoria is a baked in element to a rave track such as this. Hardcore might just save your life. Sounds as fresh as Joe looks.

*Probably not the best idea to get to the end of your tether just to test out whether a hardcore tune is still relevant though. Don't try this at home.


Nebula II - Flatliners (1992)

The House Crew - Keep The Fires Burning (1991)
Spoiler alert this is the first track in the test. Wasn't Acen in The House Crew at the time? I wish they had let him elaborate or comment further about this track...anyway...The House Crew were the in-house group for the Production House label. 

DJ Biz - Losing Track Of Time (1992)
Spoiler alert part two...This is the one that nobody knew. I reckon maybe I've heard it in a dj mix before but never previously ID-ed it. Losing Track Of Time is the sort of rare lo-fi tune that would have turned up at Blog To The Old School fifteen years ago. Gotta love that it's on a label that had just five releases. Although I suspect No Limit records may have had another five releases that aren't listed on Discogs yet as the catalogue numbers jump from NL-1 to NL-7. Then again anomalies like this aren't uncommon.

DJ Biz - Losing Track Of Time (LTJ Bukem Remix) (1992)
Bukem did a remix.

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