Thursday 2 March 2023

Roy Montgomery - Scenes From The South Island

Roy Montgomery - Winding It Out On The High Country (1995)
My favourite thing is when he does the space-rock jams. He's just so good at it. The way he gets his guitar to sound like a cosmic orchestra with just a few fx is remarkable. 

Why are the aliens landing in an isolated corner of an island at the end of the earth?  

Roy Montgomery - Twilight Conversation (1995)
A wonderfully restrained atmospheric excursion where every meditative second is captivating. Pure hermetic psychedelia.


Roy Montgomery - The Road To Diamond Harbour
This is the vibe. The Two Lane Blacktop/Zabriskie Point/Vanishing Point vibe. Blow out the mutherfuckin cobwebs like we're on the xpressway with fellow travellers Pete Gutteridge and Chris Heazlewood. Motorin to the end of the earth until we fall off.

*The sound of this recording is what it's all about. The two albums, the previously posted Temple IV and Scenes Of A South Island, were recoded during the same sessions. Together they are masterpiece of four track sound engineering. My best mate from high school was a sound engineer he could probably tell you the ins and outs of why this album sounds so great. Me, I've just got layman's terms and crap poetic analogies. The guitar tone and guitar sound are like nothing I've ever heard. This is a subtle thing but if you go ahead to Montgomery's early 00s recordings the guitar just doesn't sound like this. Kinda like being wrapped up in a warm blanket on a brisk night on a windswept ocean cliff. 

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