Monday 20 February 2023

Song To The Siren/Mysteries Of Love

When push comes to shove Liz Fraser lead singer of The Cocteau Twins (& guest singer here with This Mortal Coil) will always be my favourite singer, she's just the best. I mean Patsy Cline, Sam Cook & Elvis were great singers but they were me dad's. Liz was ours, she was from the 80s, had sometimes embarrassing fashion, had questionable hair but had greatness to outclass any singer who'd gone before. She's held the crown for a long time now, since my high school days when I discovered her on the telly in the 80s with either this video or The Cocteau Twins's Pearl-Dewdrops Drops

Cocteau Twins were pretty underground in the Antipodes in the mid-80s but finally in 1988 they got a bit of a promotional push from whoever was looking after the 4AD catalogue in Australia at the time. I recall Blue Bell Knoll not just getting an album review in the usual rock papers but Aussie culture/lifestyle magazines as well. 

I remember it used to be a thing, with articles about the Cocteau Twins, to see how many times the hack would use the word ethereal or if they could even abstain from using it. Now the kids have called an entire sub-genre ethereal-wave or some shit. The Cocteaus probably being the prototype-band for the sub-genre. Hey I'm not gonna use it but the kids who weren't there 35 or 40 years ago are. 

Anyway This Mortal Coil's Song To The Siren is the tune David Lynch couldn't afford the rights to for Blue Velvet so he got together with Julee Cruise and Angelo Badalamenti to create a replica. 

It's a bit like how Smells Like Teen Spirit was a Pixies tribute. Sure some of the elements are there but they made the Pixies aesthetic all their own. That's how I feel about Mysteries Of Love, some of the constituent parts of This Mortal Coil's Song To The Siren are there but they also created something totally different. Like Nirvana did, Cruise, Badalamenti & Lynch commercialised the 4AD blueprint for maximum success that their inspiration could have only ever dreamed of.

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