Friday 10 February 2023

Thomas Köner - Andenes

Does it get more 90s than Thomas Köner? I fucking loved him from the moment I first read about him, I think in Lime Lizard magazine. When I finally got the Tiemo cd I was not disappointed. Supreme distant atmospheric glacial rumbles that were so evocative, so tenebrous, so beautiful and pretty eerie too. How on earth was he making this seemingly organic music? It still puzzles me today as to how he achieved this. I think it would de-mystify the entire Köner listening experience if I actually found out how these soundscapes were generated. Was it even music? No melody, rhythm and barely even any sound events. I mean there was sound but what even was it? There were deep reverberations, an eternal resonant hum... Anyway this is still astounding, so plug in your headphones, isolate yourself and get ready to immerse yourself in the splendid creations of this master sound designer.  

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