Wednesday 15 December 2021

The Superceded Sounds of​.​.​. The New Obsolecents

I keep missing all these limited editions of vinyl & cassettes because I'm not across everything I'm into as 2022 has been a disastrous year for my brain. Anyway this would have been nice and the closest most of us are ever likely to get to owning a physical edition of a Philips 21st Century Prospectives Series LP. These design people today are going to great lengths for their art. Anyway cover aside this is Howlround in collaboration with DJ Food recorded a few years back. This music was commissioned by Johnny Trunk for an all night soundtrack to the Museum Of Last Parties soirée in 2016 which was held at The Museum Of London. Last year The New Obsolecents had time up their sleeves so they culled many hours of tape into this nifty lil' chunk for your listening pleasure in 2022. Isolationist vibes here, pretty fucking choice!

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