Saturday 1 May 2021


The sound in my head every day. The noise, chaos & frustration is like a day in the life of being a walking clusterfuck headache, sore skull, stress headache, headache, blistering head pain migraine-man. Plus all the collateral damage on your life that entails. The destruction of brain capacity and quality of one's active living lifestyle. That's just a personal health rant!

Back to SPK! This song is fucking bananas-ly brilliant. Pioneering Australian experimental noise, industrial, electronic & whatever music from this era is so so amazing and underrated. It's especially underrated in Australia. That's a fucking disgrace! Wake up Australia! Imagine if NIN or any Death Metal was 10% as intense as this? Then shit would have been going right on target! But nah that shit's for soft cocks. Hardest of Cores!

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