Saturday 10 April 2021

Burning Sky - Marc Acardipane Feat Miro/Metal Man - Marc Acardipane feat The Horrorist & Satronica

The remasters of THE MASTER keep coming! Two of the three* titans of Euro 'ardcore meet uptown on this unreleased tune that is only now seeing the light of day. It features on The Most Famous Unknown - Expansion Pack 4 released a month ago on bandcamp. This is the only collaboration Marc Acardipane & Miro worked on. The annoying thing about these remasters is a lack of dates. I'm assuming this is around the turn of the millennium but I really don't know!

*The third Titan being Guillaume Leroux with his many aliases including Lunatic Asylum, Renegade Legion, French Connection & Dr Macabre! My brain is spent was there ever Miro/Dr Macabre collaboration or did I dream that?

The first track from Marc Acardipane's The Most Famous Unknown - Expansion Pack 5 released a week ago. I certain this is from 2000. Am I right in thinking a lot of people hate Oliver Chesler & his moniker The Horrorist? I mean I enjoy his work but he's not in the same groundbreaking league as those aforementioned three LEGENDS!

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