Sunday 1 January 2017

2017 with Marc Acardipane


These first two are on the same record from 1990!!!

From 1992 this is a one sided LP.

A classic from 96. A pretty ominous title right there and a rather fitting sound for now doncha' think?

Of course these are all Marc Acardipane aliases and that was an alias for Mark Trauner. Marc was THE German producer of hardcore techno/gabba/gloomcore from 1989 onwards, more like a genre unto himself! Acardipane must have had over 100 pseudonyms and trying to collect his full back catalogue must be a futile task but it would be kind of heroic if you had them all. He had a big thing about 2017. I'm not really sure what it was, can't remember if I ever knew, but perhaps all will be revealed this year. On his record sleeves he kept saying See You In 2017. Surely he's gonna make a comeback and be as big as Beyonce....well it's a nice thought anyway. Perhaps It'll just be the end of the world as we know it and Acardipane will feel fine.


  1. "Imagine surveying earth after nuclear destruction and enjoying what you see, that's how it feels when you listen to it" - Marc Acardipane. He might well get his wish come true at this rate. See also this Mover quote: " I can't possibly justify seeing a happy end to this stupid human drama." 2017 must have seem impossibly remote in 1990 when he did "Reflections". I imagine it must have been quite heavily influenced by Blade Runner / Robocop / Terminator etc, his mental picture of how things would be by now...

  2. but who knows really what was influencing / inspiring him, maybe he was into Nostradamus, like Goldie .... Dark, desolate, oppressively bleak, and above all, COLD - of that you can be sure when it comes to Mark A's vision of da phuture.