Thursday 19 June 2014

Oh Happy Day!

This turned up in the post today just after I'd been to the dentist and had a filling. It feels like I've been waiting for over a year for this to come out. Was Fisher trying to recreate old skool anticipation of pop culture with its delayed release? Can't wait to read this. Mark Fisher as K-Punk was one of the original music bloggers alongside Woebot, Gutterbreakz and Blissblog. I think out of all the Zero Books I've read this one has the most pages at a whopping 232!

Then I discovered this! Only been waiting 20 years. Aphex Twin's alter ego Caustic Window finally has this LP available to the public. I'm sure this was reviewed in Melody Maker in 93 or 94, but it never got released. It has since gained mythical status. Anyway here it is and man it sounds bloody good so far. I'm in the 90s now.

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