Monday 27 January 2014

Australia Day

Australian garage classic. The Missing Links Wild About You from 1965 was their 3rd single.  Weird & wild. The Saints covered this on their first LP and there was a great rock book that used this title too. Sydney rocked.

More deranged garage from Sydney in the mid 60s. You're Drivin Me Insane was the 2nd single from The Missing Links. This has gotta be one of the greatest songs ever.

From the 2nd Saints album Eternally Yours (1978). Alright. Let's Shoot the professor. Yeah!

From The Saints 3rd LP Prehistoric Sounds released in late 1978. Rowland S Howard used to cover this live with his band These Immortal Souls

The haunting sound of urban summer in Australia. Even though this song is particularly about Brisbane under the Police State of Sir Joh in the 70s it has a universal sound of a lethargic, irritating, paranoid and unrelenting Australian summer. 

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